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I have been creating commissioned portrait paintings for family and friends since 2018, but I am opening commissioned work up to anyone and everyone who is interested.

Step 1.  Let's Talk!


My commission process begins with a phone call, or an email exchange if that's more convenient to you.  Let's talk and determine if I am the right portrait artist for you.  I will answer any questions you may have and walk you through my portrait process.  


Step 2.  Let's Meet!


Our first meeting will involve me getting to know the subject and gathering reference materials for the commissioned project.  I will bring my camera so that I can gather reference images.  I really want to take some time to get to know the subject as this helps me try to capture their portrait as much as a photograph.  During this 1 or 2 hour meeting, I hope that we will get to know one another and that I will gather a sufficient number of reference photos for my work in the studio.  At this meeting, I will collect half of the cost of the commissioned portrait.  This cost is nonrefundable as I am about to commit my resources to this job.  

Step 3.  I Work!

Depending on other projects that I am working on at the time as well as they type of portrait you have commissioned, the completion of your portrait can take anywhere from one to six months.  Drawings and alla prima portraits will average one-two months to complete, while indirect method painting requires about six months.  If you have commissioned an indirect method portrait, then I will be in touch with you regarding reference photos and composition within a week or two of our first meeting.  At that time, we will discuss your preferences for composition and reference photos.   

Step 4.  Delivery!

I hope you enjoy your one-of-a-kind portrait.  

If you are in Knoxville, I will deliver your work to you.  If you are outside of Knoxville, then you will be responsible for the price of delivery.  All of the artwork is priced unframed, but I am more than happy to help clients with frame choices and have been known to throw a frame on work for an additional charge. 


One thing to remember, as with any artwork, the copyright of the artwork image remains in the ownership of the artist.  Therefore, I may use images of commissioned artwork in the future.  Please feel free to post images of your commissioned art on social media (but not for money-making purposes) as long as you credit me as the artist.  


Option 1. Graphite Drawing

I create a graphite drawing, on white or watercolor-toned paper, of a single individual.  The finished drawing can typically be matted and framed to size 11 x 14 inches.

Prices start at $400

Option 2. Alla Prima Oil Sketch

An alla prima oil sketch is an oil painting created in one or two sittings.  Generally, the resulting painting has looser brushwork and the likeness to the subject is less precise.  Many people love this option as it looks painterly and captures the energy of the person being painted.  This commission is created and finished without feedback from the client , which allows the price to remain reasonable.  Sizes are generally 11 x 14 inches to 12 x 16 inches. 

Prices start at $600.


Option 3.  Indirect Method Oil Portrait

Although this type of portrait is my very favorite, it takes so much time to create a portrait like this!  In general, each portrait will take more than 80 hours.  The layers are added slowly, only after previous layers have dried.  In this type of portrait, the precision of the brushstrokes and likeness are more finely rendered.  The customer is consulted by the artist both during the stage of choosing the reference photos and the compositions as well as near the completion of the painting.

Prices for an 12 x 16 inches head and shoulder portrait begin at $1400.   

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