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Art Baby

I am an art baby.

At least, that's what I say gently to remind myself that I began my fine art journey only a few years ago, and I have the excitement of so many "firsts" still ahead of me. I get to mother my creative self the way I mother my children on their creative journeys.

When I see the drawings that my daughters sit down and make, I am constantly in awe of their individuality and creativity and fearlessness. For children, art-making is a fun exploration into their own worlds. And the result is always something unique and, most of the time, something actually stunning that I want to frame and hang up and publish.

The trick for many of us, I believe, is taking the time to give our own endeavors the same joy and excitement that we give to others. Look what you just made! That's so cool and really beautiful! And it reminds me of you--unique and interesting and funny and beautiful you!

There's nothing on this creative journey that others haven't experienced before. And yet, we each get the opportunity to make the discoveries for ourselves as we journey on the path. So soak in the experience, art baby.

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