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Classical Drawing Classes

Most visual artists know they love making art when they first discover drawing.  For many artists, drawing remains an important part of the artistic process throughout our lives. 


Drawing can become frustrating when the idea we have in our heads doesn't come to fruition on the page.  I have found that Classical drawing skills can help any artist by teaching step-by-step techniques for approaching how to render any subject on the page.  In general, my introductory classes use the most basic artist tools--pencil and paper--to teach the importance and power of different types of line, the way to find light and shadow to render three dimensional form, as well as the importance of drawing from life.  Every one of these skills will help even the most avid young cartoonist or illustrator when they go back to their own work! 


Drawings of eyes from Classical Bargue Plates

Fall 2024 Classes

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Fall 2024




Tri-Star Arts

Candoro Marble Building

4450 Candoro Ave.

Knoxville, TN 37920

    The Middle Grade Classical Drawing Series is open to students ages 10-14.  This 5-week series will give students introduction to the basics of Classical Drawing.  We will cover skills and drills for line-making, how to find light and shadow for form-rendering, how to approach drawing something from life, as well as a brief intro to how to set up a portrait drawing.  

    This class is absolute beginner-friendly and any art student who is curious is welcome.  A basic desire to learn to draw realistically is also helpful!  


    This is a skill-building class and we will focus on different basic level techniques each class.  This introductory class is required for any student who wants to take further art classes or lessons from me.  


    As an artist, I primarily work in portraiture and figurative work.  However, this class is not focused on either portrait or figurative work.  We will likely cover an Intro to Portrait drawing towards the end of the series.  These are foundational skills and will translate to your student's desire to progress in either subject matter.  

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Materials List

Please plan to bring all materials to all classes.  

Our local art store, Jerry's Artarama, offers 25% off all materials on my materials list.  If you call ahead, they can gather the materials for you and have them ready for a quick pick-up, too.  

Strathmore 400 series drawing pad 11x14 or larger. Do not get a smaller size as it will not be large enough for work. 


Tombow drawing pencils: 3-4 H pencils (Tombow pencils are darker and the H is comparable to an HB).  (or any sharp HB pencil).  

Manual pencil sharpener (preferably one that catches shavings).  (KUM is a great brand.). 


Kneaded eraser.  (Faber-Castell kneaded erasers with the handy carrying cases can save you from getting lots of dog hair on your eraser.). 


Painters tape. 

Drawing board size 16”x21” or larger.  (alternative: large piece of foam board or masonite.)

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